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Mint Yoga, March 9, 2017

Ron Esposito's Performance at the Resonance Festival, September 24, 2016

"Listen With Your Body" Ron Esposito August 23, 2015, Nicholas Tuttle Guitar Studio

"Soul Sonics" is a video of a live performance of Ron Esposito on November 23, 2013 at the Victory of Light festival in Cincinnati Ohio. It features Tibetan and crystal singing bowls along with some throat singing and vocal toning. Ron regards this as one of the best solo bowl performances he's ever done where there was both good audio and video!

"The Singing Bowls: Sound and Soul" Ron Esposito at TEDx Cincinnati, Oct.3, 2013:

World Sound Healing Day 2013, Cincinnati

Ron Esposito at "The Enneagram and Grace" Cincinnati, Ohio 2012-09:

Ron Demonstrates The Singing Bowls

The 31st Annual Telly Awards 2010 Bronze Telly Winner Video "Open Heart"

Ron Esposito and Johnny Rusza @ Contemporary Arts Center 7-3-10

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